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Karolina Borchardt
 previously called Iwaszkiewicz, born 1905 in Minsk, died on 17th December 1995 in London.

In 1920-30 she was interested in aviation, a had been a member of AeroClub and one of the first woman-aviators, widowed from Master Mariner and writer Karol Olgierd Borchardt.

During the war, she emigrated to London and until her death she lavishly supported Polish institutions.

Since 1950 she devoted herself to paintings which were exhibited in London and New York.

Altogether the family inherited over 230 paintings that Karolina had created.  For over ten years her art had been in storage in London until the collection was purchased by The Chapman family who admired her work.

Now 2015 the art has been catalogued and will be exhibited again.  Nearly 100 paintings will be available for sale with the profits going to the Wirral Autistic Society.

For more information please contact : JOANNA CHAPMAN

 Phone: 07734 460 975