'Woman's DNA'-exhibition, POSK Gallery




Exhibition of Polish contemporary art from Poland ‘Woman’s DNA’ will take place from 22th November to 5th December  at the POSK Gallery in London.


Various works of young artists were selected for this exhibition in order to demonstrate a wide cross-section of the newest trends in contemporary Polish art. The show will include works of Gregorz Klimek, Lukasz Jankiewicz, Viola Tycz, Katarzyna Rutkowska, Katarzyna Moranda and Justyna Jabłonska, who have already gained recognition in the Polish artistic community. ‘I am convinced that  these young artists have huge potential to succeed in the UK’ - says the owner of the Polish Art Gallery DNA Piotr Wawrzynów.


The leading theme of the exhibition is dedicated to the women. Unique and fascinating women have remained an inspiration to artists of all times. This exhibition ‘The Woman’s DNA’ attempts to show the image of women in contemporary Polish painting.


For Grzegorz Klimek woman is primarily a mystery. While trying to understand this mystery, Klimek at some level changes the space of his painting into an interesting and sophisticated game.


Lukasz Jankiewicz, on the opposite, shows his fascination with the female body, and his images attempt to engage the viewer on a different, sensual dimension.


For Katarzyna Moranda it is important to present a woman in her variability - depending on the day, time, mood, situation. Viola Tycz  shows the image of a modern woman from a big city: courageous, ambitious, sexy. Katarzyna Rutkowska has a different approach: her depictions of women underline their depth and mystery, provoking thought and reflection.




The exhibition "Woman’s DNA"


22.11 - 05.12.2014


POSK Gallery


238-246 King Street, London, W6 ORF