How to support us

An Appeal to our compatriots and friends of POSK!


On the occasion of the 70 anniversary of the outbreak of World War 2 and the subsequent Polish migrations around the world we can be proud of the Polish achievement. In Great Britain, POSK is one of our leading historical successes.

POSK has united and continues to unite the Poles. Over the years, it has become a picture of Polishness in Great Britain. Today, Polish life abroad continues to develop and POSK plays an enormous role in meeting the needs of ‘Polishness’ in everyday life. We continue tried and tested social/cultural programmes and develop new ones.

POSK must adapt itself to the current legal and economic requirements in the same way as any other institution. We are anxious to ensure that the appearance of the building and its interior pass the test of a prestige institution of which we can all be proud. Even the most severe cost cutting will not ensure the POSK’s self-sufficiency. The current world economic crisis is a serious threat to the future of POSK. POSK serves the community but the community cannot forget about POSK.

We appeal to you for financial support of our joint venture, which we created over the last forty years. You can support POSK in many ways, by renewing founder membership, by one-time donations for a specific purpose, regular sponsorship of various initatives e.g. the Library, Archives, Collection or theatre. The simplest way to help is Gift Aid. You will find an appropriate declaration below. Every donation no matter how small given in this way will contribute to a regular income for POSK and the Gift Aid declaration for people paying income tax in Great Britain will enhance the income POSK receives.

Any questions should be directed to the Treasurer of POSK address:

The Centre for Polish Arts and Culture
238-246 King Street
W6 0RF


icon_pdf.gif POSK donation form (94kb)